Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WIRED: Don't Blog Anymore -- Wait...What Was That?!?

Paul Boutin has written an article for branding blogging as passe. Yes, if you are reading this, you are not hip. Clearly I am much less hip for writing it. In his article, he points out all the new tools we have online to share our thoughts instead of blogging. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are his new recommended tools of choice. 

While I agree with Paul that blogging has evolved and lost its innocence, I have to disagree with his conclusions. Facebook is a completely different experience to me, as is YouTube and Twitter. They are all tools we can use in our online arsenal of sharing ourselves. I like how they all interact together, as opposed of just choosing one. I like uploading videos to YouTube (or YouTube-wannabes) and embedding them on my blog or my website or on Facebook. I can't see micro-blogging on Twitter replacing blogging with entries like, "End of the first day back at work. Curious." But I do see them adding to create a fuller experience of how we share our insight on the web. 

Here is the entire WIRED article:


Justin said...

I'm with you 100%. I've laxed in my blogging, mainly because I've been very busy lately. But I've had an off and on blogging record for four years, and I'm not willing to leave that behind entirely for tweets. We don't need to fuel the decreasing attention span but moving all our efforts over to Twitter. Ridiculous!

Actually, I found your post by searching for this Wired article so I could blog about it. So now I'll blog about your post, Wired's article, and blogging in general. Trippy.

Michael Grossman said...

Justin, I am glad you found my thoughts on this topic without too much "dicking around" (that made me laugh). It's interesting how people view things negatively although they still have tremendous value, but aren't the latest thing. I understand the point about not having time for things, but does that mean you don't take the time to brush your teeth in the morning? Writing things with insight takes time. Twitter is a great accompaniment, but you still have take the time to brush your teeth.