Monday, October 20, 2008

Yahoo's Home Page Redesign Process and User Feedback

The New York Times has a great article on the process Yahoo is using to redesign their home page. In it, they interview Tapan Bhat who is leading this effort. The NY Times labels the design effort "stealth innovation" because it is done in steps to assuage the push back from addicted users.

My focus on this article and effort is how Yahoo is dealing with loyal users of a mature web product. It seems as if they have put the user feedback at the end of the lifecycle process with a component to deal with unexpected things. In other words, they expected push back, so they moved ahead with their strategic design changes knowing they would have to modify them. It's sort of like the user taking a nasty medicine in small doses, but in the end they will feel a lot better.

Read the entire article here:

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