Sunday, January 4, 2009

Conventional Wisdom Myths Debunked...So What?

A new study finds that a lot of things people believe in are not true. For example:

  • Sugar does not have ANY connection to hyperactivity in children (12 highly scientific studies back this up. All the differences in the behavior were in the minds of the parents).
  • Eating at night Does NOT have any link to weight gain. It's not the time of day, it is the amount of food that impacts weight.
  • Suicide does NOT increase around the holidays.
  • Poinsettias are NOT poisonous.
  • You DON'T lose most of your body heat through your head
  • You CAN'T cure a hangover. Time is the only thing that gets you over too much alcohol consumption.

So now you can pass this juicy stuff around to your friends. But the reality is perception is all-powerful and will probably override the facts. Look at the example of sugar and children. Do you think parents will now give out candy to kids without thinking they will become hyper?

Now think about your customers. What are their perceptions and what things can't you combat even if you can prove they are false?

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