Monday, January 26, 2009

Guess The Product: Sales Tumble 54 Percent as Product Sales Dip $100 Million Last Quarter

No, that's not an iPod Classic with a bunch of old Nanos. That's the product that just went down 54 percent in sales. At this same time, the iPod grew over 3% in overall market share. I can hear Liszt's Totentanz (Dance of Death) faintly playing in the background (or is that the intro to The Shining?).

The Zune is at the very least, up against the ropes. It's inability to gain traction and move up the rapid customer adoption slope is a testament to poor product design. You just don't hear stories from people on how much they love their Zuning experience. More importantly, you don't hear anything that really distinguishes it as a product that connects with consumers. What is "Buy from FM?" Know anyone that does this? It's the top feature on the Zune's What's New web page.

There are even rumors that Microsoft may mash up the product to become a smartphone device. Strange how some products (and people) fail upward.

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coffee said...

I know what Microsoft should do to improve their Zune sales: get someone besides the big, hairy guy with a Zune tattoo to be their marketing front man/woman