Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mike Colameco-Inspired Google Map of New York City Restaurants

Mike Colameco has a Food TV show and a radio show here in the New York area. I really enjoy his insight into what makes restaurants great. It was seeing his interview of Michel Richard that inspired the trip to Georgetown for my 40th birthday dinner at Citronelle. It was that experience that was the fodder for my first blog entry.

What really appeals to me about Mike's shows is the way he interviews the chefs. He gets them into such a great storytelling mode, you learn things you wouldn't learn anywhere else. It's the kind of interview I strive for with customers during field study work. 

I've put together a Google Map with many of the restaurants he recommends on his website and his mentions on his TV & radio shows. This adds the dimension of location, making it easier to find a place near where you may be when in NYC.

View Larger Map

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