Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mythology vs. Reality: Charlie Kaufman Doesn't/Does Do a Lot of Press

Below is a video of Charlie Kaufman doing press for his latest movie, "Synecdoche, New York." Watch from the beginning to 2:43 in the video below, and observe his reaction to the interviewer who presupposes something about his subject. The interviewer prefaces a question with an assumption about how Charlie doesn't want to do a lot of press. This triggers an unexpected reaction from Mr. Kaufman for the next couple minutes. Here's a quote from it:

There's all this sort of stupid mythology about people that just gets perpetuated constantly. People decide something about someone and then it doesn't ever change and it's not based on anything.

Clearly this was meant to be an icebreaker, going, but ends up having the opposite effect. This got me thinking...

What things do we assume about our customers that may be completely wrong? What things do customers perceive about our products that may be completely wrong even though it isn't true? Mythologies are so very aggravating from any angle.

Enjoy the video (direct link here):


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