Wednesday, February 18, 2009

EBay Identity Theft Creep

The #1 and #2 blog usability mistakes by Jakob Nielsen are not having a biography and not having a photo. I don't have those problems on my blog, but because of them I have another one. Identity theft.

I woke up this morning to an email from a kind soul asking me if I was selling computer items on eBay. When I went to the link they sent me, there was my name and photo from my blog. Some creep assumed my identity and is selling stuff as if it is me. I hope next time I become a spokesman for something that I know about it. Here is a link to Bizzaro Michael Grossman:


m.mcintire said...

I found out yesterday that someone was trying to sell something under my e-bay account!

I discovered it after receiving a password change notification that I did not initiate. Instead of clicking the link, I went directly to e-bay and immediately changed my password.

While I was there I noticed that someone was selling a box-set of DVDs under my account. I freaked and called e-bay immediately. They closed the auction and recommended I change my password on my e-mail account also.

Michael Grossman said...

It's super creepy to have this happen to you, but I feel a bit better to hear someone else share their story. Thanks for sharing.

identity theft protection said...

That's too bad. But thanks for sharing this to us so we could take preventive measures.

I want to open up an e-bay account but now I'm having second thoughts 'cause of all the possible risks of identity theft.

On the second hand, I could have myself protected through identity theft programs or softwares. These things might work don't ya think?