Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"This Downturned Economy" Changing My Food Shopping Experience in a Surprisingly Good Way

Like many people, I've had to change my grocery shopping habits because of the economy. I used to shop for my family exclusively at Wegmans. I really love their shopping experience, but can't justify spending 80 cents more for the same eggs. The same goes for cherry tomatoes (savings of $4.00) and mushrooms ($2.00 in savings). Where do I save so much? At the local farmer's market. While this isn't your Alice Waters type of market with guys in flannel shirts selling what they just grew, it has good value. 

I now split my shopping between Wegmans and the local market and save about $250 a month. I guess I am not the only person who has discovered this because something strange happened this past Sunday. You see, this small market only has 2 small checkout registers. There were so many people shopping there that the line wrapped around the entire store. 

That is when something really interesting happened. I noticed that I was talking to the people around me, and so was everyone all around the store. Of course we started off by commiserating about the length of the line, but quickly it turned into other things. We were doing things old school. Not Twittering or blogging or posting or Yelping or Facebooking or emailing. We were just talking as people stuck next to each other in a line used to do. I left there hoping that life would once again slow down the checkout experience next week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Daily Show's Take on The Twitter Frenzy

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show shake their old man fists at Twitter. It seems that Twitter's hard to define value statement is still...hard to define. In the first clip, they take on people in Government that also probably don't get it but are trying to make it seem like they do. 
"It's no wonder young people love it...According to reports about young people by middle aged people."

Underneath, watch Dan Schorr from NPR get an introduction to Twitter to see how people over the age of [fill in the blank] react to the tweeting experience

25 Things He Hates About Facebook

It used to be that if you didn't like things about a product, you'd mention them to your friends. Today, you make a video and post it for free on YouTube and half a million people watch it within a month. Julian Smith shares his top 25 things he hates about Facebook, here: