Saturday, May 9, 2009

The NY Times: This is Why You're a Geek

The New York Times had a headline on the home page that drew me to it like a moth to flame. It read:

Bits: On Twitter, New URL Shortening Favorite

I clicked on it and the headline of the full story changed to this: Eclipses TinyURL on Twitter

When I read the real headline, I thought to myself that I am now truly a geek. How many people that you know would read something entitled eclipses to TinyURL on Twitter? I went back to the home page of the and click on all the headlines. All of them were exactly the same on the story page, except some were shortened on the home page. This story, however, actually lengthened their headline on the home page. An editor somewhere at the New York Times clearly realized that most people wouldn't understand the true headline and altered it for non-geeks.

Just like the website illustrates through obscene food images why people are fat, I now know why I am a geek. Here is a link to the article to my fellow propellerheads:

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