Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ford's Persona-lity Driven Design

Ford is using personas to design their latest vehicles. The only thing is they don't use the word "persona" when describing the process. They use personality, personalizing, avatar and character, but not what we all know to be persona based design. Is this intentional because of the controversy around the use of personas? I thought it was odd.

What is not so strange is that Ford is beginning with the user experience, not the technology or industrial design. They are designing cars around specific archetypes of who they want to build it for. It seems like it is working for Ford. The Fiesta, which is what the persona above was used for in its design, is the best-selling car in Europe over the first half of 2009.

Here is the story from the New York Times:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Getting Back in the PC Saddle Post-Umpteenth Crash

About a month ago, I was sitting at my 6-month old, kick-ass computer doing work. The next moment, I was staring at a black screen, with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The Black Screen of Death had bitten me. I spent extra money on this super machine to trick myself into believing that this wouldn't happen again. Oh well, almost a month later, here I am back to re-installing all the software and licking my wounds.

So what should I do to avoid losing data and more importantly time? Do I need 2 computers? A home server? The more content we put online the better in cases like these. But then who do you trust with all of your content? Facebook? Flickr? Seems like a good place to innovate now that more and more of our living room is going digital. No more photo albums, home videos and CDs in cases to keep safe from things like fire. Now it is jittery operating systems.