Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Howard Stern, DOTS iPhone Gloves and a New Era of Innovation

During the first hour of conversation this morning on Howard Stern, Howard talked about his older children not owning televisions in their homes. They used laptops to watch TV shows or Movies. Howard was really shocked by this since he encouraged his children to watch as much TV as possible as he did while growing up. Howard said that as a child, the cast on his favorite Television shows were his best friends. That's the kind of twisted relationship with a product that TV Content Producers cherish. Robin also commented on how young people she knew watched most of their media on phones even though they had a TV.

After listening to this, I went online and noticed a story on about DOTS gloves for iPhones. The problem was that in cold areas of the country, people had to take off their gloves just to answer the phone. This product comes from a pair of 22-year-olds, Larry Lairson and Chris Harrison.

Life in a post-TV-is-the-center-of-our-life world will produce lots of change in the products in our lives. The gloves are low hanging fruit, like remote control holders for couches, but you can see that the needs for new products is just beginning.

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