Friday, May 24, 2013

Flickr Redesign Shows That Marissa Mayer Gets The Joke

After dying on the vine since Yahoo acquired it in 2005, Flickr has been given new life. Is it perfect? Not at all. But it has been frozen in time where people didn't live with multiple devices like they do today. To give it context, the iPhone didn't come out until 2 years after Yahoo made the purchase. The consumer photography experience today is so very different than it was 8 years ago. In 2007, Kodak was alive and actually made a profit.

So literally a day before I was going to renew my Flickr Pro account, I see that all my photos are back. 1 terabyte of photos for free is good. The new design promoting the photography is good. The "Ken Burns" slideshow animation is good. Creating a good experience takes time. Marissa Mayer gets that. The first iPod sucked. The first iPhone wasn't perfect. But good companies make incremental steps towards good User Experience, making the things we love better over time.

Here are some recommendations on other improvements they can make:
  • Personal pictures are important to people. Provide us with a safety net if your Flickr account is hacked or mistakenly deleted
  • Make it easy to socialize photos and slideshows in ways that are relevant in 2013
  • Give us simple tools that manipulate photos and videos before we share them, vis-à-vis Instagram and Vine.